25 Feb 2013. In preparation for our expedition to Morocco to try and locate lost French Foreign Legion forts, I spent a day and a half with Richard and Jez from Trailquest and Mark who will also be joining the expedition, doing some convoy and off road riding, and discussing plans, routes, equipment and various other aspects of the expedition.

The other guys all had white Triumph Tiger 800XC's and I was on my graphite Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200.

Thanks also to Nick and Patrick for helping with the filming!

For more information, see either Trailquest Adventure or Trailquest Archeology

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25 Feb 2013. It seems my off-road jaunt while in Europe last year has made the cover of EAMG Magazine and also on pg23. Thanks to John for the writeup and Pete for the photo. For more photos from that trip, check out Reveiller Rides Album from Massif Central 2012.

April 2013. Back from the trip to Morocco, but it landed up that the rest of the group could not join (apparently not possible to get the bikes 0.25 miles from the farm to the motorway so “Stuck in snow”), so I went by myself…

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