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7 March 2013. I've promised to post the clip I did onboard Royal Evolution in August 2011. The plan was to let the onboard videographer have some of my footage for the trip DVD he was selling. Simon is a friend of mine, and my original underwater photography instructor, so going onboard and doing our own private DVD is kinda like bringing your own Nitrox to the boat. My view is if the boat sells it, buy it there - it's their livelihood! Anyway, enough rambling. Simon asked for shots with video lights, from inside wrecks and of people, and this is what I had. Unfortunately the upshot was that the aspect ratio's and colours of our different cameras didn't match and it looked odd with both sets of footage. So I just added some music to my footage, roughly top and tailed it, and showed it as footage that wasn't in the final cut. Everyone said they really wanted it so we included it as an extra on the trip DVD. 

Q: How do you know when a PADI SCUBA Instructor has walked in the room?

A: They'll tell you.

Since passing my Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and Speciality Instructor course, diving has lost a bit of it's shine for me. Not entirely sure why, but no doubt the 'PADI Machine' and instructor politics would have something to do with it. Back to recreational diving for a while me thinks!

This was taken on my Deep Diver Speciatlity Instructor qualification dive. You can't see it, but that reel is actually attached to a 5m drop tank and my "pretend student" was playing silly buggers with it.


Me filming for a SilentBubbles promo video. What was that about never holding your breath underwater??

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