Reveiller Rides

Committing to spend your holiday with a group of people is almost always fraught with the potential for disaster, especially when everyone is riding motorcycles! I say almost; that is not the case with John and Audrey from Reveiller Rides. They arrange a few (non-profit) trips every year primarily for the members of Essex Advanced Motorcycle Group (EAMG), but a couple of 'guests' have been know to join. John's wealth of knowledge of European destinations, meticulous attention to detail and his experience as the Senior Observer for EAMG all combine to ensure a fantastic time with zero stress. I am sure I am not alone in my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for what John and Audrey do!

It would be a considerable task to try and re-do the photo albums here, so instead I'll just link to some of the trips I've been lucky enough to join: Mosel and Schwarzwald 2010, Luxembourg 2011, Austrian Alpes 2011, Cote d'Or 2012, Schwarzwald and Bavaria 2012, Austrian Alpes 2012, Massif Central 2012

In addition to my time with John on Reveiller Rides, I was also fortunate enough to have been assigned to him as my observer when training for my RoSPA riding certificate. We have ridden many, many miles together including a few trips that weren't photographed! Without his time, knowledge, experience, and deep desire to help others like me improve our riding, I would not have progressed to the rider I am today. John, Thank-You very much indeed!

September 2011. I joined John and Audrey Tipper from Reveiller Rides and a group of guys from Essex Advanced Motorcycle Group for their "5 Countries" Tour, based out of Hotel Enzian in Landeck in Ausria. A great group, fantastic roads and stunning scenery.

September 2011. This is the 20 minute unedited video version of my first ever ride downhill on the north / eastern side of Stelvio Pass.

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